Original hand-crafted sculpture and jewellery


Works shown on this website are for reference purposes only (and may not be available for purchase). Based on the designs shown or further discussion I can create a new work to your requirements (see Commissions below). My work is also available through a number of art and craft galleries (New Zealand only).



Once initial contact has been made, we can arrange a meeting or phone call to talk about the piece you would like made. International consultations may be conducted via email. Consultations are free of charge.

consultation is free of charge

During the consultation we discuss and refine ideas; working out the details.

Large sculptures

Information on the site (location and environment) is essential when commissioning a sculpture. The required durability of the piece is an important factor in selecting the right materials.

Before the commission is undertaken a delivery and installation plan is drafted.

A cost estimate and timeframe will be provided based on the consultation.

Concept design

Based on the consultation, a concept will be sketched; outlining the design, materials, dimensions, etc.

At this stage, we discuss any further refinements. With a large sculpture, a scale model is usually made before carving begins.

Materials and production

Once the concept and final sketches are approved, work on the actual piece begins. Some raw materials may need to be sourced and transported.

Delivery and installation

Jewellery, mixed-media piece and small sculptures may be posted/couriered by registered mail (both locally and internationally). This is a quick and safe process.

Large sculptures will be transported by truck or trailer. The details will be outlined in your installation plan.


Every piece is unique and custom made and the timeframe will vary depending on the complexity of the design and availability of materials. On average, the timeframe from consultation to finished piece will take:

  • 1-3 weeks for jewellery
  • 2-4 weeks for a small sculpture or mixed-media piece
  • 2-3 months for a large sculpture

…a large sculpture may take 2-3 months to complete (from design to installation)

Arrangements can be made for a shorter timeframe if necessary.

Delivery takes 2-4 day within New Zealand and or 7-14 working days internationally.

Work in progress